1. I've been a writer for forever
  2. I decided that I need to give left brain a break and delve into right brain stuff
  3. Although I'm very descriptive and visual about my writing I want to get more visual so I'm drawing
  4. I'm practicing
  5. Here's my first portrait
  6. Better than I expected but ew haha
  7. I'm now working on the same one but fresh
  8. Here's what I've got so far
  9. Updates to follow
  10. I'm in bed and was gonna finish this in the morning but then @quixotic was super adorable and got excited about it so now I have to make it or else idk I just have good reason to now
  11. Here's the semi finished-I wasn't gonna do more work on this one- product.
  12. (I passed out before I could get the picture but here it is haha)
  13. (Good fucking god I hate people. There's people in my house and they need to leave!! Irritating.)
    I know the people. I just only like some people.
  14. Okay
  15. So yeah
  16. Practicing
  17. Update for @quixotic and others:
  18. Rose
    Plus a part of a poem I wrote for a girl
  19. Update @quixotic
  20. And