1. Do you ever just look at that one person
  2. And see the world in their eyes.
  3. Not just any world
  4. But your very own personal universe
  5. Full of things that they inspire and are inspired in
  6. Like the wave of her hair when she's standing in the sun in that one dress.
  7. Or the way she sighs when she's had a long day and just finally sat down with you.
  8. Or even how when you've been away for a few days and you get a phone call and it's her and she says "hey" and you've never heard a more beautiful sound in your whole life.
  9. Or that one time on that one place when you first saw her and she smiled but you couldn't have known then how much beauty was behind those teeth and eyes and hair and her nose. But you can see it now looking back. How soft it is.
  10. And all of it. And more. Is in her eyes.
  11. And you're mystified.