1. Today I feel like drinking copious amounts of coffee and vanilla caramel creamer.
  2. Then writing poetry.
  3. Or perhaps a story.
  4. I haven't done that for a while.
  5. Written a story.
  6. My attention span is just not built for that sort of thing.
  7. But it's enjoyable given the right mindset.
  8. I've also got to see about getting a job.
  9. Yes that would be smart.
  10. I'm not feeling up to social interaction
  11. But I need some money.
  12. And to get out of the house.
  13. As much as I would rather lock all the doors and bask in the glow from my laptop while I write.
  14. Write about what you might ask?
  15. Usually love
  16. That's on my mind a lot
  17. Especially this past year
  18. I guess I'm a romantic
  19. No doubt my heart break lists have gotten tiring to some of you.
  20. I suppose I'm just a big softie.
  21. Oh well
  22. Softie I may be
  23. I've gotta find some way to kick ass today
  24. And then repeat that tomorrow.
  25. Maybe I'll learn Norwegian