Charlie's Angels

As requested by @michael_circa91
  1. I never watched the hit television American crime drama of the same title; starring Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-majors, and Jaclyn Smith.
  2. In case you can't bother to bring the strength to google it.
  3. It's a tv show that ran from 76 to 81 and basically followed these three detectives (They went to extreme lengths to draw attention to the main characters genders. Who all happened to be women. Which I guess was super rare back in the seventies??))
    Hell if I know.
  4. Anyway these three lady detectives are super good at what they do and are called upon by some smug millionaire to create a special task force of three superb crime fighting women.
    I can't find good gifs for this list you guys and I'm sorry about that.
  5. Their boss is apparently one of those righteous assholes from all 70's movies who never shows his face and is surrounded by beautiful women all the time. Or at least according to Wikipedia. Ironically his name is "Charlie" Townsend.
    You're damn right it does Michael.
  6. It was basically a procedural drama that relied on the writers coming up with a new crime every episode for the cast to solve.
    These gifs are growing on me
  7. Apparently this show came out swinging in the ratings but lost its putt 3 years in and then Keeled over after 5.
    Nick gif works for this.
  8. I guess a bunch of people proclaimed that it was entirely of the "jiggle tv" sort. That which emphasizes the sexuality of the lead female characters over more important and interesting things like character development and story arc.
    "My oh my"
  9. It was originally supposed to be called "alley cats". And according to Wikipedia they intended for the women to wear chains and brandish whips. Sounds a tad made up to me but what do I know. I've heard crazier things.
  10. I'll be honest that at one point I thought "Charlie's Angels" was a show about some boy named Charlie who saw angels or had a trio of women who helped him with his problems or something.
  11. At least that was the image I got going in my head.
  12. Props to this request for getting me to look it up.