In order starting with real people I knew. I don't do crushes on tv people.
  1. (What's her face)
    I don't remember her name. She was blond. Had freckles. Blue eyes. Fairly cute. I'd be interested to see the woman she's grown up to be. This was during pre-school. We were gonna get married haha.
  2. Cassandra
    I met her in kindergarten. I still know her actually. Of course back then she was a sweetheart and now she's a grade A bitch. It's pretty sad actually. I miss the old her. If she didn't have such a poor attitude I might still be interested in her. But nope. I've got me some standards.
  3. Ariel
    This was a long one. 2nd to 4th grade. She was very egotistical and I was a shy kid. Stupid situation.
  4. Brook
    Never talked to her. Really didn't know much about her. She seemed intelligent. Was very cute. Had freckles. Middle school.
  5. Morgan
    This chick was into me but I was too shy to act on it. She literally kissed me on the cheek at one point and I think I was supposed to run after her or something but I was so totally shocked that I just sat there. Haha poor young me.
  6. Grace
    This girl was smart, active in school, had a rocking body (meant in the most polite way possible of course), and was simply a beautiful girl. Don't know why I didn't ask her out. Just really busy in high school I guess.
  7. Faith
    First girl to show sexual interest in me. She wasn't super attractive but she was cute and her flirting with me pretty much escalated her attractiveness through the roof. I had to say no because she was dating a dude I knew and just wanted to get back at him by sleeping with me. Haha I've got standards. Ever hear of the Bro Code?