1. So I had coffee with Lizzie yesterday
  2. Well first I took a variety of pink items and snuck into her locker to stick them everywhere to ask her to homecoming like she wanted
    Bad photo but yeah
  3. I made this list.
  4. It took me four tries to get in because I suck at opening lockers.
  5. I got most of the sticky notes and stickers up and was just wrapping up when I heard a voice say "hi Charlie"
    It was her. She was behind me.
  6. And I scolded her for getting to her locker before I was done making the surprise.
    I should have gotten there much earlier
  7. Anyway
  8. She appreciated it haha
  9. I mean.... I didn't hide it very well and she kinda asked me first so...
    There were only two options: yes and yes. 😏
  10. So we went to get coffee.
  11. Walked to a gas station near the school and discussed the dance and my surprise and other things.
  12. I said something about liking the chairs they had out front and she responded with "I'll be your chair if you want" and I inquired as to what the hell that even meant. She said "Cus you could sit in my lap" and I replied "pretty sure id squish you but you're welcome to my lap."
    Flirting is fun
  13. We bought some crappy coffee ha. Started walking back to class. We had to get through some moving cars on the way back. She was tentative about blocking their path but I graciously offered to throw myself under one of them to allow her passage. She was grateful. But freaked when she heard the bell going off.
    We both made it to class on time. I offered to carry her (she was in heels and was moving at my normal walking pace) but she declined ha.
  14. Also we hung out for lunch and had second period together (it's my favorite class ☺️.)
    Also she has the cutest butt. 😍
  15. Took some selfies
  16. Static
  17. Static
    I need a hair cut so bad.
  18. My favorite
    A friend of mine who watches my snaps messaged me with a link to this photo that said "make babies."
  19. Anyway....
  20. Enjoying this.