Curing my bad mood

I'm in a bad mood randomly (which sucks). This is me figuring out what might fix it.
  1. Sleeping in
    Sleep feels nice. I had some dreams. That was good. But I can't remember much of them. Oh well. Got out of bed at 10:30 ish. I feel like I should have gotten up earlier but then again... Sleep is nice and it's a Sunday.
  2. Taking a long shower
    Hot water. Steam. Good smelling bubbles. Smoothness. Shaving. Cleanliness. Oh yes. Long showers are wonderful. I think I was in there for a half hour at least. I feel fresher than I did before.
  3. Watching bo burnham on Netflix
    He's hilarious and insightful. I love watching his specials because I can just lay back and appreciate some crude humor while still picking up on the more subtle message behind what he's saying. I especially love the "say my shit" song.
  4. (The "say my shit" song)
  5. Watching gladiator starring Russel Crowe
    I technically did this yesterday but I was in the mood then too. I hadn't watched it for a long time. I really enjoyed it of course. 2 and a half hours of Russell Crowe speaking in a gravel voice and cutting off people's heads. Awesome.
  6. Watching family guy
    At this point I'm sure you can tell I watch too much Netflix. Anyway. Family guy is kind of funny. Mostly it's nice because it doesn't take a lot of thought to follow. While I love "House of Cards" and other more serious shows. I just lose my will to follow along with their more engaging plots. Family guy suits my fatigue.
  7. (Lol. Robot camel hurt his knee)
  8. (Haha)
  9. Napping
    Oh napping. How wonderful you are. I put on YouTube to a random playlist of my favorite videos and close my eyes and sort of drift in and out of consciousness. Or until someone texts me.