1. In coming around to the fact that I couldn't tell if I was losing any body fat or not.
  2. I decided to get strict about this whole diet I'm on
  3. It's the slow carb diet
  4. Pretty much just avoiding any and all carbs.
  5. Strictly eating lean meats, vegetables, and legumes.
  6. And water or black coffee
  7. With one cheat day per week
  8. On which I am allowed to eat whatever I want
  9. Something to do with keeping basal metabolic rate and thyroid function at the optimal levels for fat conversion.
  10. Anyhoo
  11. The coffee thing was something I've been cheating on for 2 weeks.
  12. I've been using copious amounts of creamer.
  13. And I love creamer
  14. But I have to drop everything if I am to ensure success on this diet.
  15. So breakfast today was plain scrambled eggs and water.
  16. I forgot to get a lunch but normally I'd have a cup of almonds and some kind of legume (mixed vegetables with black beans or something)
  17. And then more veggies when I got home
  18. And chicken or steak that night with more veggies.
  19. It rarely goes that perfectly.
  20. But I never cheat.
  21. That I can say honestly.
  22. Anyhoo
  23. I miss creamer
  24. I might investigate tea.
  25. I'm not sure if that qualifies or not.