1. So I was locked out of my house earlier.
  2. The key got stuck and wouldn't budge.
  3. Anyway
  4. I went to my mother's house and hung out there for a few hours
  5. I should mention I've been pissed off all day today because of something I'll list about later
  6. Anyway this lock thing doesn't help so I'm unbelievably pissed
  7. But I wait two hours before deciding to head back to see if my father or his new wife is back to let me in through the garage
    I don't have the code 😡. They're paranoid
  8. Anyway I get back around 7 (starving) and figure they'll be back around 7:25
  9. I waited until 8 before leaving
  10. Because fuck then for making me wait
  11. And now I'm at a chillis.
  12. By myself
  13. The waitress is super nice and thinks I look cute in my jacket ☺️☺️☺️
    OMG so nice after the day I've had
  14. (As I finished that last bullet my father called to say they were home 😐. It's 9:00)
  15. Anyway
  16. I had a burger and fries
  17. Now I'm just awaiting dessert
  18. Honestly I'm perfectly happy if it takes forever
  19. I love the sound of people... It's here
  20. Update
  21. The waitress and I discussed my dessert and we both concluded it needed some lemon
  22. So I added lemon and it was wonderfully zesty
  23. Took a kick out of the sweetness so that worked out
  24. Anyway I stuck around until they were stacking chairs.
  25. Then waved goodbye and drive home
  26. I listened to "New York New York" by Sinatra on the way home and...
  27. So now I'm gonna hop in bed
  28. And watch supernatural
  29. Cus it's been ages and there's plenty of seasons so why not