1. Wake up angry
  2. Well I have a damn good reason
  3. But it doesn't matter
  4. I'm grumpy
  5. Quite frankly
  6. I'm seething
  7. Do you ever just feel like that?
  8. Just wanna punch a wall?
  9. Ugh
  10. It's a bittersweet feeling to me
  11. While I don't necessarily enjoy feeling angry
  12. It's at the same time uplifting in its energy
  13. And I wind up feeling good afterwards
  14. Usually because it gets me to go be active
  15. When I'm mad I can't sit still
  16. I fidget heavily even when in exhausted
  17. So I really bounce off the walls when I'm angry
  18. Ergo I exercise
  19. And it releases endorphins
  20. And I feel better
  21. Or else I just do something
  22. Like play very loud games of Xbox
  23. Or clean my house
  24. Or write poetry
  25. And I feel better
  26. I feel a lot better
  27. (Started the list 4 hours ago. Waited. Finished it now. Feeling better.)