1. It's late right now (1:37 am)
  2. And I tend to get sort of weird at night
  3. Sort of different
  4. My emotions lightly float closer to the surface of my personality
  5. Out from the deeper parts of me
  6. I tend to avoid talking to others or posting things online at this hour.
  7. Because I don't always say the "appropriate things"
  8. Usually inappropriate things are the things that are truly my opinion in that instance in time
  9. Like the exact second a thought pops into my head it flies out my mouth
  10. I've gotten better at controlling it over the years
  11. But what also comes with this is a deep sort of emotional connection with myself
  12. Now I don't think this mood is any more real or less real than my day to day self
  13. But it's there. To be seen and evaluated
  14. And I had a thought
  15. I get really lonely sometimes
  16. It seems to be an occasional bout. Something that sneaks up on me when I'm alone with my thoughts. Or when I feel distant From someone.
  17. I think we all go through this at one time or another.
  18. I think the isolation is a powerful tutor.
  19. I've learned a lot in the late nights.
  20. Most notably different things about myself.
  21. And in learning about myself I learn about others.
  22. It helps me understand how to interact more effectively.
  23. How to help people that are broken down.
  24. It's still a tough thing to accomplish.
  25. Sometimes downright impossible.
  26. But feeling this way. It makes it easier to understand people.
  27. I think deep down we are all very very similar.
  28. I think if you want to understand others you have to know yourself.
  29. It's a never ending process.
  30. -----------------------------------
  31. I had a friend only recently tell me that I was the only person who talked to her on a day to day basis.
  32. And that made me tear up. Because I cherish valuable connections like that. They seem to me to be a rarity today.
  33. And to think that if I wasn't there she wouldn't have anyone to confide in regularly. That really hit me in the heart. It made me feel special.
  34. She also said she sometimes told me things she had never told anyone before.
  35. She apologized for talking about herself so much.
  36. But as someone who has felt the depths of isolating emotion. I can say that I would give everything to listen to her talk about her day.
  37. Or anyone for that matter.
  38. Because while I can survive or even thrive in isolation as an introvert.
  39. It isn't always pleasant.
  40. Most times it's a horrible weight.
  41. And I want you the reader to know.
  42. If you feel down, right now.
  43. Just hang in there.
  44. It'll get better.
  45. It always gets better.
  46. Especially if you can find the lesson in what the world or God or the universe has given you.
  47. Learn from the moment and the moment passes.
  48. This is only temporary. You will see daylight again soon.
  49. Painful circumstance is a wonderful opportunity to practice finding your inner harmony. Being sad or bored is a perfect chance to test ways to feel better and gain energy.
  50. Never let the loneliness blind you to the pain that false connection brings.
  51. Sorry for the sad list everyone.
  52. Here's a gif to brighten your mood.
  53. Colbert + kittens
  54. Birdies