1. Ha.
  2. I'm not a vacation kind of guy
  3. I think vacation then I think lame station wagon scenario across the U.S.
  4. But I'll give it a shot
  5. Cus I love list requests
  6. Sooooo.....
  7. My ideal vacation would have to be somewhere with as few people as possible
  8. Specifically just people I know
  9. I want to get out there on my own and just point and go
  10. So really anywhere
  11. Maybe I'll go sailing to different places
  12. That would be cool.
  13. Me and a boat and the ocean and books
  14. If a beautiful woman would be willing to come with me I would be all the more pleased.
  15. But yeah sailing on my own would be fun
  16. Just drop off in random countries.
  17. Learn the language.
  18. Talk a bumch
  19. Get educated.
  20. Then sail somewhere new
  21. Lots of sun
  22. Maybe some cold weather too.
  23. I want it to be like a two or three year deal.
  24. Just evaporate for two or three years.
  25. Off on my owm
  26. Then appear back in my hometown just like ....
  27. Sup guys
  28. And then everyone is shocked
  29. And I'd have a beard. Like, a big thick one rough cut from a straight blade.
  30. And probably epic scars from scuffles and fights and accidents.
  31. And a bunch of weird ass foreign books
  32. And knowledge of other cultures far away.
  33. And weird recipes.
  34. And be in super good shape from fighting storms on a small boat with all my gear
  35. Yeah that's my ideal vacay
  36. Something like that.
  37. 😊 thanks for the request. @annafiedler