1. This is the girlfriend
    She's basically an angel and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Because she's everything anyone could ask or hope for.
  2. In other news Valentine's Day will be here sooner than we think.
  3. I have never enjoyed a Valentine's Day in the past.
  4. Alas I have never been in the company of a loving partner.
  5. But this will be the first Valentine's Day that I have someone to actually treat like a valentine.
  6. No more bullshit fake cards or humorous gags among pals and classmates and peers.
  7. No more lonely chocolate eating and excuses to binge watch "Ten Things I Hate" about you or "Love Actually".
    Not that I do those things........
  8. This year I'm bringing my A-game.
  9. For the most beautiful girl in the world.
  10. First: I spotted a human size teddy bear in the supermarket that I will purchase for my angel.
    This will go on her bed.
  11. Next: I will buy at least two heart shaped chocolate boxes that will accompany said teddy.
  12. Within said boxes or along side them will be two poems written by yours truly for previously mentioned paramour.
    This one
  13. A note about with plenty of personal lovey Dovey Mumbo jumbo.
    And private jokes
  14. As well as a bouquet of roses or whatever her favorite flowers are.
    I haven't decided. But I will inquire.
  15. Anyway that's just what I've come up with so far.
  16. Keepin y'all updated.