Emotions About Valentine's Day

This is our official I hate/love/whatever Valentine's Day list. All things shitty/awesome/or indifferent about Valentine's Day. (Gifs/pictures are not mandatory but they are appreciated)
  1. You might get a card or two but no matter what your age it's never from the person you want.
  2. You get candy sometimes. You know... If you buy yourself a bag. Let the feast begin!!!
  3. Literally everyone talks ONLY about Valentine's Day on social media. And it's the worst.
  4. It's just one of those holidays I can't get behind. I wouldn't be surprised to find out it started as some kind of serial killer giving REAL human hearts to women/men she/he liked back in the day. Less surprised if it happened in the last 70 years.
  5. I've never felt sincere about any cards I've given on Valentine's Day. It's practically an obligation these days just to find a card and take a girl out. I prefer surprising my lady friend with this sort of thing. Having it all planned takes a lot out of it for me. Doesn't seem nearly as special. If anything I might just snuggle in to watch Netflix
    With her.
  6. You can't get a seat at any restaurant anywhere ever!!! Unless you're a special couple that's reserved seats five months ago.