1. To dream the faulty dream.
  2. Lancaster remarks the finer denizens of an evolving quorum.
  3. The shock of a faulty theory.
  4. What once was is crueler than this porous notion of solemnity
  5. which takes up broken hands, wraps wounded earth about them.
  6. Tantalizing distance covered with a fallen snow of softest white.
  7. Even a lark song warps times tender whisper at the break of a fallen world across the mile long sentiment at this, a tortured sky.
  8. Starlight itself casts the longest shadow.
  9. So long that I hide among the shattered fore thought of gods broken wonder.
  10. I laugh slyly in the face of such majesty.
  11. Majestic for its distant possibility.
  12. The probable confirms of a forest pierced only by the light of this movement.
  13. My heart takes a heavy breath.
  14. At once lost and discovered.