Inspired by @sophia Some current emotions I'm pondering
  1. Love
    Is it up to trial and error? Where do you draw the line? Can you predict when it will turn out okay? Is it smart to be pragmatically pessimistic in the face of romance? That which fades from tender things and comes back like a nightmare to haunt you in the feeble hours of the morning? I have known no joy akin to the joy from damaged flowers. Can or do love and loneliness coexist? Are they one and the same facets of something more? Something greater.
  2. Underneath all of that which is the burgeoning mockery of modern romance may we seek a spark of what can evolve into ephemanate, atmospheric, tumbling adoration?
  3. That which burns in our centers with the girth of the heavens above and the oceans wrapped round our chests like chains to hold all of that grand sorrow in.
  4. Is but love the absence of solitude and the isolation which is knowing someone else so deeply you can't help but adore their every trait. No matter the darkness that covers it?
  5. Oh are we forsaken to understanding such things in but the simplistic ways of science? That arrogant process of whittling something away until it is nothing more than what it is?
  6. But love is so much more than what it is.
  7. How human language shakes in its uselessness under the enormous quantitive iridescence of a powerfully personal ideology.
  8. That which we dub romance. That which the scholars dub lust.
  9. Oh how brittle my words. They fade like clouds to the cosmic blade of such confounding gratuity.
  10. Break me of my earthly chains that I might fly so far and so fast. To see but a glimpse of what could be such beauty.
  11. ————————————————-
  12. Static
  13. I am constantly torn between fulfilling the needs of my arrogant, cynical, scornful side. The one who believes in love but also believes strongly in the awful beautiful pain of it. And my kinder more romantic side. The one who just wants to make breakfast, draw baths, and write poetry for someone that deserves it.