Inspired by @eloisebailey. Also in this scenario it's in the billions.
  1. A whole new wardrobe. Full of clothes that I would feel awesome in.
  2. A quality car. Not too sporty but not too plain. Something economical but still high class.
  3. A sweet house somewhere freezing-ass cold and another one somewhere warm. Preferably a third house somewhere with lots of people. Like New York.
  4. An epic sports car for smooth roads somewhere open.
  5. A private helicopter.
  6. A smart as hell investment manager. And a ton of well read investments from expert advise and nothing that's horribly risky. A quality balance that's suitable for my needs and priorities.
  7. Give at least 250,000 to a million dollars to various charities. Probably a bunch more once i square down on who does quality work.
  8. All of the books I've ever wanted to read plus a huge personal library to house them.
  9. A personal gym with enough weights to last me a long ass time and a bunch of skylights.
  10. A sweet personal kitchen. I cook of course. Maybe tutored by a personal chef.