OMG a list about my puppy!!!!!!
  1. She's white and gray.
  2. She has a spot on her back that I've always thought looked a lot like an old map of the U.S.
  3. Her eyes are super complex blue,gray,black.
  4. She rarely smiles and it's usually only because we are getting to go on a walk.
  5. She loves walks.
  6. She likes sleeping a lot.
  7. She is called buzzy around the house due to the floof on her bum where her tail should be. It "buzzes" when she's happy haha.
  8. She doesn't like stairs. They're slippery wood and tile.
  9. I got her when I was roughly 6 at a farm.
  10. I didn't want her.
  11. I wanted a boy that jumped on me.
  12. My mom chose miko.
  13. .....
  14. I'm glad she chose miko 💜.
  15. I call her my puppy even though she's getting older now.
  16. She's basically just a huge bitch if anyone she doesn't know (that's a dog) comes over.
  17. I talk to her like she can understand me totally. Pretty sure she can.
  18. She almost got stepped on by a horse a week after we got her.
    She snuck into our neighbors yard and was under the damn horse and somehow my dad got her out of there. I have no clue how.
  19. When I was in middle school and elementary school I suffered from a high degree of anxiety (not diagnosed/not medicated just super irrationally worried about certain things and I have small physical ticks) I always worried that she would get out of the yard and be struck by a car.
    Even now as I write this all I can tell myself is "miko's fine, miko's fine, miko's fine" over and over again and breathe slowly. She's in my moms room right now. She couldn't leave if she wanted to. But everyday as I leave the house the worry grips me. Thankfully I know how to control it now. I put razzle (our smaller dog) in charge of protecting the house and more importantly keeping buzzy safe. It works. (Razzle's in the back of this photo)
  20. I never taught her tricks. She used to be able to jump over the kiddie fence my mom attempted to use to keep her walked off in a room (like if we had other dogs over). And now she's too old for that.
  21. If I meditate around her she thinks something is wrong and nudges me with her nose until I respond. Probably Cus I breathe loudly and slowly.
  22. She sits directly behind me or within fifteen feet of me at all times that I am home.
  23. She occasionally places her head under my arm from behind to get me to scratch her head if she feels like I haven't talked to her in a while.
  24. She is exactly like me in the way that she puts off a physical atmosphere of nonchalance, don't talk to me vibe, and an "I don't give a shit about anyone" attitude but she's really a sweetheart who wants love from people. She and I also rarely smile without reason.
    Note my sister's dog's expression. Though to miko's credit Bella always looks like she's ten seconds from pissing herself and having a heart attack. One time I dropped a spoon and she will not go near one even today. Another time when she was frightened of moving cars I had to carry her across the road. A full grown dog. Across the road. 😐 we went on a five mile death march and she never chewed up my stuff ever again.
  25. She barks at a lot that passes by our window then acts like she can't get outside so she just keeps barking and barking until I tell her to get the hell outside.
  26. If anyone goes outback she will make a running leap over the couch. Knocking over lamps and cords in the process.
  27. She's the prettiest pup ever
  28. She loves food
  29. She really loves food
  30. She's my favorite.
  31. I love my puppy.