1. Received a sweet message on list this morning.
  2. I meditated for ten minutes.
    I plan on meditating again either right after I workout or before bed. Possibly both because I feel a little upset.
  3. I'm kicking ass in my workout.
    But I want to add more flexibility work.
  4. I'm eating much better than the past few days.
    I had a snickers but for now I'm gonna go easy on myself and save the very healthy eating for after I put on a few pounds.
  5. I got 11,000 steps in.
    Another reason i don't mind the snickers.
  6. My boss basically thinks I'm awesome.
    I guess that's what I get for saying yes to any overtime he offers me.
  7. Worked basically all day. 9 hours.
    Mixed feelings about this. But it mostly makes me feel like the rest of the week will be a piece of cake. Also it's a tough job so any job in the future is gonna be easier for it.
  8. The guys I work with are all nice guys.
    I mean they're almost all ex-cons but they're all easy to get along with and I really enjoy being open minded.
  9. Lugged maybe 30 fifty pound logs into the back of a truck.
    And then came home and (am currently) working out. 💪🏼
  10. The day isn't over so I think I'll go on a walk and make dinner and meditate.
  11. I think I know why I'm upset. It's the same reason it's been for the past 11 months. Which is irritating. But also romantic. But irritating.
    I'm also sad I can't directly express it on list.
  12. I'll meditate on it.
  13. I'm grateful for these words
  14. Static
  15. Updates: the light coming into my workout den is lovely.
    Awful photo. The light is much more yellow/gold to the naked eye.