A "latest poetry" list.
  1. To have met you is to have witnessed for the first time, the cognizant melody of a universe comparing beauty with the beautiful.
  2. How you pace about my mind like airy dreams partaking joyously in traditions transfixing me in your bountiful brilliance.
  3. You blow most easily in with the wind on wings of tempered gold. Light as the very air around which you fill with your perfect form.
  4. Oh how the coldest nights take grip to me but you ease them away with your words. Your eyes.
  5. So keen am I to look upon gilded pupils. Those that sit in your eye, two swirling earthen orbs such divine ornate fixtures in the valley that remains your silken face. Rolling like land clear of any disturbance and aplenty with a fragrant youthful whim.
  6. Oh how I hope the unencumbered masses cease to join me in appraisal of your finer parts.
  7. Here I earn the right to privacy by way of provocative and as of yet illusory portraits. Those you shape glowingly with an imbued sense of grace not unlike the angelic way of romantic flight.
  8. Here I stand alone and aloft with dusty dreams fogging both my sight and the sound of intrepid music born among fairer woes; but so grateful am I for their blinding tendencies as I fall heavily to these knees of lead.
  9. Imprinting upon the earth beneath them. The error of my past and all sins torn into my back like the marks of a martyr.
  10. In witnessing you I can but for an eternal second free myself of my cosmic dismay and at your behest grasp eagerly for the chance to hold you, such wonder, to my aching, beating, chest.
  11. Here in the darkness your reverence appeals to all eyes who at this time remain only mine.
  12. But for every broken soul that erupts in our galaxy, you birth two more into oblivion from that brilliant song flying forwards from your lips like shivering petals on a flaming wind.
  13. That gentlest sigh moving forth with loving conviction towards a demons hands. Knowing full well how such broken fingers grasp more tenderly than any prince or pauper among mortal men.
  14. You heal me as the riviera heals the hunchbacks twisted form. As a mother tends to her child's sentimental cry. With only kindness in her eyes. As any human soul alight with innocence brings but an infinite sheen of power to our earth bound selves. With hungry mouth and broken teeth i strive to fulfill this one desire of mine.
  15. To be taken up in your arms once more before my mortal body evaporates on the atmosphere as corroded iron falls to rusty tenor. Echoing on ever fervently for your gentle touch. For a goddess' embrace.
  16. You, my light, my darling. Dazzling, damaged, divine divulgence. You, you shine on me as crystal mirrors the broken light off distant stars.
  17. Reflecting all but my darkness and transfixing me in your elegant elemental ways. Pierce me as the jaded hues pierce an agates surface. Bring love in empowered form and never falter.
  18. Such things are but a momentary fling to beings beyond our realm of cause and effect.
  19. But with you by my side I might grace these gods with my own form of malevolence. A fervent, twisted, sound. Erupting from deep inside my bones. Which crack like the break of dusk over fertile land. Blood, like drawn sun beams, staining the mantle of our captors foyer.
  20. Escaping into the inky might of a night resounding briskly for victory. Ruffling these feathered wings of a once barren benediction. You hold my hand and I feel infinity's stable reach. Moving me towards home.
  21. And home is you.
  22. And you are home.