1. Learning every language ever.
    Just because. It would be very fun to be knowledgable and to be able to speak to everyone I met anywhere. If I was immortal I'd probably end up creating new languages for new races/generations of people. Think about it. Like, you'd make the new trends Cus you'd be here first to make them. Idk. Maybe that's flawed logic. I'd invent new logic. Immortality bitches.
  2. Learning every skill I've ever wanted to learn no matter how useless or awesome.
    I'd learn how to fence, how to beat box professionally, how to ride a horse well, how to repair motorcycles, how to cook Michelin level dishes, how to dance every fun dance, how to fight, how to hack, how to stitch up wounds, etc. etc. etc.
  3. Traveling the world
    I'd visit as many cultures as possible. Speak to the people there. Do back flips into lakes and skydive and eat new food and flirt with gorgeous women at fancy parties.
  4. I'd intervene in international affairs
    Like, I would just come out of nowhere and do what I could to fix things. I know being immortal doesn't necessarily make me a guru or magic fixer/solution but I think with my advanced knowledge (at least after a few decades/centuries) I could really be of help.
  5. I'd become a superhero
    No cape. I'd probs wear a suit and tie. In and out of the shadows. Kicking bad guy but and taking names. Helping people. Only after I'd learned how to fight of course.
  6. I'd write books.
    Under pseudonyms. About whatever I wanted. Really long books. I could take my time after all. Just, huge epics. Hardcover and heavy.
  7. Sailing
    Around the world. On a boat. Through every climate possible. To every port I could find. It's always been a fantasy of mine to go on an epic quest around the world by boat. Fight crime. Get a few scars and tattoos. Generally be a badass.
  8. I'd grow an epic beard
    Not long. Not bushy. But just right. Something that suits my face. Probably during that sailing trip I mentioned above.
  9. I'd get in awesome shape.
    Strong, lean, fighting machine.
  10. I'd figure out a way to make tons of money
    Or else just live beyond my means because it wouldn't matter cus I'd be immortal bitches.
  11. Id give tons of money to charity
    Only the good ones though. So many charities don't have their shit together. I'd research the effective ones and give it to them then I'd bolster areas that needed bolstering. Like for not well known/rare diseases or causes.