1. I realized I had numbered some in my first journal and so I went back through and counted them all.
  2. Many days I feel like I haven't written enough. That I should be writing more frequently.
    To match my favorite poets numbers.
  3. Especially when only some of them turn out to be any good or of lasting value enough to reach out and touch anyone.
  4. Apparently in the past 2 years I've written 95.
  5. That's not counting the many on my phone whenever I was too lazy to write. Or the deleted ones from after a girl broke my heart. Or all the unfinished ones.
  6. Which probably means I've really written somewhere in the range of 120 or 135.
    Edit: a quick count through my phone makes the count around 154.
  7. Which is strange to think about.
  8. I really do need to put the typed ones into my journal.before something happens.
  9. The final page of my disorganized first journal