1. I haven't posted a list in 8 days. 😢
  2. I totally botched the march madness list bracket thing even though i signed up for it 🙁
  3. My spring break started great and then turned into a weird depressing void of boredom and anger.
    I have no idea why. But after being tired of being bored and grumpy today I meditated, exercised, and completed some assignments and have felt at least average all day. A big step up from shitty the past two or three days.
  4. Today I said something without thinking to a friend of mine and she took it a bad way (totally my fault. I won't get into the details. But now she's pissed and I feel bad)
  5. Do you ever just get mad at another person for making you sad because you said something stupid?
  6. It was an honest mistake on my part. A total slip of my mind. I said it without thinking and she took a lot of offense.
  7. I'm concerned if I should appeal to her emotional understanding of what I said or push for a need to clarify that I didn't mean what she thought I meant.
  8. I guess either way it doesn't matter. She'll do what she feels she has to do and I'll accept whatever she decides.
  9. Mostly I just feel bad that one little phrase said without any thought can destroy good vibes between two people.
  10. It really sucks you guys.
  11. Is it because I was tired and distracted and simply not there mentally to catch the offense in the phrase?
  12. Was it even something I could have seen coming had I considered the implications more?
  13. I just don't know.
  14. People are confusing.
  15. Maybe you guys can get me some much needed perspective on relationships in general.
  16. I can feel myself not wanting to post this list.
  17. But I'm already into it and it's been long enough.
  18. Plus it's late.
  19. Okay.
  20. Hello list app.
  21. I am back.
  22. Giphy