1. Original title: God I fucking hate list these days.
  2. It's so damn lazy. The interface, the feed, the trends (as much as I enjoy photo a day, I mean... Really? A photo? Fucking damn)
  3. Gone are the days of insightfully crafted long form lists that delved into interesting topics or perspectives.
  4. It's just another petty social media outlet.
  5. I know it's not out of malice that it's gone this direction and that's it's kind of been the expectation, if not the plan, from the get go but I'm pissed you guys.
  6. I can't even stand to scroll through the main feed.
  7. Trending is gone. Passionate lister's have evaporated. This anger is almost getting old because nothing has changed for four months and I've spoken about it before.
  8. Frankly it's ridiculous.
  9. I wish I had an all access pass behind the scenes to get a read on what's really going on from all angles. I'm genuinely curious.
    I know the app isn't necessarily being driven into the ground intentionally.
  10. I just truly don't GET IT.
  11. I really don't.
  12. It feels purposefully crafted to run off dedicated creatives like myself.
    Who the hell has the time to craft a list in one go with any substance to it? I sure as hell don't.
  13. I guess I'll get off my soapbox.
  14. Sorry?? Not sorry?? I don't know any more.