1. I actually don't hate sleep
  2. But I tell people that.
  3. Because I love being awake at night.
  4. Less people and more quiet.
  5. And stars.
  6. I love the dark.
  7. It's best when there's just one person with you.
  8. Especially if you can cuddle that person.
  9. And talk about soft things.
  10. And kiss them gently and let them know how much you appreciate them.
  11. I like to think about that person
  12. I don't know her yet but I will
  13. Anyway
  14. I don't like sleeping
  15. Because I like being here in the quiet
  16. There's something so intimate about the quiet
  17. Some people prefer the noise and the loud
  18. But those things are intrusive and booming
  19. The quiet is simply there and gentle.
  20. As long as you just let it be.
  21. It's 3:34 am now
  22. I keep thinking about sleeping but i would rather stay.
  23. Sleep to me is like traveling to a different reality
  24. When you wake up. Everything in your head is different
  25. Great when I go to bed in a bad mood.
  26. But not great when I want to stay in my mood.
  27. Sleep does feel nice don't get me wrong
  28. I adore sleep when I'm dog tired
  29. Or when I am ready to change my mood.
  30. But other than that sleep kind of just hastens life.
  31. Speeds it forward
  32. And that bugs me
  33. I like to use all of my time ruthlessly.
  34. Every second. Used fully.
  35. But sleep is just..... Motionlessness.
  36. People think I'm crazy
  37. I just don't care for sleep