I Have a Problem

  1. I use emojis to flirt with a lovely girl in my life.
  2. And we have lots of fun.
  3. But what happens is...
  4. When I talk to normal people...
  5. Or my friends......
  6. They use the same emojis
  7. Because to them they express genuine emotion
  8. But to me all I can think about
  9. Is the dirty texting
  10. So this makes me uncomfortable as hell
  11. But I can't say anything to my friends
  12. Cus it's me who sees them as dirty
  13. In case you were wondering
  14. It's the following emojis
  15. 😏😩😘😳😈😮😫
  16. Especially this one 😫😩
  17. Damn this is weird