1. First of all...
  2. That bummed me out
  3. I mean...
  4. I was expecting to lose a few
  5. Some people just get tired of following for their own reasons
  6. But still...
  7. It kind of made me feel bad
  8. Until I realized...
  9. I don't care about the followers who unfollow me
  10. Because they're doing what's best for them
  11. And that's awesome
  12. And I don't want someone to follow me if they don't like or enjoy what I have to say
  13. Cus I'm gonna be me
  14. And it's only fair that they have the option of not finding my lists particularly entertaining
  15. Or even in some cases totally opposing my opinion
  16. That's cool
  17. I'm glad they found a path that works for them 😊
  18. I'm pretty bummed when people misunderstand me though...
  19. I guess that's just a part of life
  20. Some people aren't gonna understand your motives no matter how clear
  21. Even if you had good intentions
  22. And that's fine
  23. You do you
  24. I'll do me
  25. I hope people understand me. I greatly appreciate those who do and let me know
  26. Those people rule
  27. But if you suddenly find yourself uninterested or even put off by my listing.
  28. Please do us both a favor and unfollow me
  29. Negativity isn't a good thing no matter what
  30. And I'd rather people that enjoy my lists and appreciate my words follow me.
  31. That's just my opinion. 😊
  32. Love you guys 💜
  33. Night night