1. Lord Huron is an amazing artist
  2. I only know of two albums but they both capture a certain quality inside me very well.
  3. When I discovered his work I had just made a huge mistake with a friend of mine (I say friend. The relationship is an interesting one. Friends with benefits I suppose)
  4. Anyway this mistake cost me a week without communication with her.
    At the time I had no idea if we were even going to ever talk again.
  5. And I was pretty heartbroken because this was a close friend (with benefits) who I talked to about pretty much everything on my mind 24/7.
  6. On top of this my only other close friend was going through a tough time and unbeknownst to me decided to forego talking to me in the hopes that she could spare me from her negative vibes.
    Don't EVER stop talking to me if you feel bad. It hurts my feelings because I love helping people feel better and talking about their day no matter if it was bad. It might make me sad to hear shits hit the fan but it will never make me feel any worse than total seclusion.
  7. So yeah that's when I found lord Huron.
  8. And his melodic, haunting, sad, brave, deep, and personal sound helped me deal with my isolation. Be enveloping myself in its angst and passion.
    I found a reason to embrace it.
  9. I've always found emotional isolation to be not only one of my biggest fears but a place that, once I inhabit it, I can maneuver quite well.
    I am by no means a novice to the field of one-ness.
  10. And isolation is a powerful, powerful, teacher.
  11. I learn how to be self sufficient.
  12. To not rely on others for my stability.
  13. Or for emotional satisfaction
  14. It reminds me that it's my job to fulfill my own needs as a person.
  15. Not anyone else's.
  16. But if they do that's really really amazing.
  17. Truly a gift if they do so repeatedly.
  18. I don't want everyone to feel isolated.
  19. Hell Id rather nobody feel that way.
  20. If you feel alone. Please feel free to talk to me.
  21. I know I'm just a stranger on the list app (to most anyway. I know me and @lesbian are besties forever)
  22. But if I can help....
  23. I will.
  24. Any way I can.
  25. And you should try out lord Huron
  26. He may not fit you the way he fit me
  27. But I like his style.
  28. Oh yeah I also read most of the Time Travelers Wife during that painful week.
  29. It's very good too.
  30. I like the depiction that the actors in the movie chose to bring to the screen but I can't stand the movie itself.
    They took all the big moments and glued them together with little context for them. You just had to enjoy a singular emotional roller coaster with little of the passion or depth the book brings. Still fun to watch.
  31. Any way it kind of replaced my emotions with emotion for the character.
  32. So yeah...
  33. Check it out haha.