Inspired by @audreypalumbo
  1. I feel like I'm pretty private in list app.
  2. At least more than others.
  3. Maybe I'm deluding myself.
  4. Ask away.
  5. Especially @mchelle
    I just know she's dying to ask me all the questions.
  6. Do you eat ass?
    Idk why that's the first question that came to me...
    Suggested by @mchelle
  7. 😐: you're god damn right I do.
    Nah I can't say I've ever eaten any ass. But I like to keep an open mind. Maybe it's not so bad. This begs the question do you eat ass? @mchelle
  8. What's your hometown like?
    Suggested by @roozly
  9. 😐: I still live in my hometown. It's quiet. Some people find it dull. I find it to be a beautiful place. Warm in the summers. Cold in the winter. A ton of religious people. Mostly everyone is polite and waves when you pass. I'd say it's about as average as average can get. Really at the ass-end of unique. Take any stereotypical town from a book..
    And add more homophobic people 😐. @roozly
  10. If you needed to feel something, would you choose A) a hug B) a kiss C) a punch to the gut D) throw a tennis ball straight against a wall until it hits you in the face?
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  11. 😐: I would choose a kiss.
    While a hug is more comforting in my opinion. I haven't had what is consider a memorable kiss with anyone. I'd like to experience that. I have discussed getting punched in the gut before. But that's hinging on a topic too kinky for this particular list discussion.
  12. What is your favorite band?
    Suggested by @aus10
  13. 😐: I don't really have a favorite band. My music taste changes frequently. And even if I like an artist I won't necessarily like all of their work. I suppose my top choices would be: white stripes, AC/DC, the black keys, or lord Huron. @aus10
  14. 😐: in response to @michael_circa91 inquiry about my kinky-ness.
    Not touchin that with a 10 foot pole.
  15. What's a hobby of yours I should try?
    Suggested by @smallthings
  16. 😐: cold showers.
    Trust me. Check out Joel Runyon, Tim feriss, or literally Google cold shower app and you will thank me. Either that or exercise daily. Exercising even a little is so beneficial for my mood. Cold showers plus exercise basically take away my depressive bouts instantly. @smallthings
  17. 😐: I was listening to the Tim Ferriss Podcast on iTunes when he interviewed B.J. Novak.
    Novak mentioned his new app List app. And I figured "might as well Check it out". Took me a while to really get into it thought. I must have downloaded it back in November. I assumed it was literally going to be a ton of grocery lists or something lame. But I trust ferriss. Of course I'm grateful I downloaded it. @Sim0n
  18. 😐: according to buzzfeed
    Good ole gryffindor @Sim0n