1. Jason Bourne is my all time favorite character out of any film ever
  2. I don't care that his movies aren't deep, thoughtful, or all that thought provoking or meaningful.
  3. He is a badass
  4. And Matt Damon is a badass
  5. And I'm so excited to watch the new film
  6. It looks so god damn good
  7. I only hope it turns out amazing
  8. Honestly I would watch whatever matt Damon made
  9. Everything he is in is gold to me
  10. Everything
  11. I want to be Jason bounre
  12. I know I know
  13. "But he lost his memory in a brutal training program for the black water CIA to use him as a super weapon against their enemies."
  15. He's the ultimate weapon of badassery
  16. And he escaped their CIA clutched anyway.
  17. And he is the one man ass kicking machine of the espionage world
  18. I think it would be super handy to be in that good of shape.
  19. To travel unencumbered pretty much anywhere because you're that badass
  20. To know exactly what to do when being chased by a horde of Italian police.
  21. To disappear and reappear like a ghost Cus you're the badass Jason Bourne
  22. Idk
  23. I'm just super excited to watch the new film
  24. Anyone else feel the same way??