1. Visit all of my favorite memories.
    Every single one. All of the important ones. I feel them shifting as I age and I despise that.
  2. I would visit myself in my younger days to disperse wisdom and insight as needed.
    I don't believe in any ruining time lines or similar bullshit
  3. I would just pause.... Just sit and think....without time moving by around me.
  4. I would only visit the future in minute jumps. Tops 10 minutes ahead of myself. This quote sums up my feelings on it.
    I don't wish to know my future.
  5. I would visit people I know now when they were young. I want to help some of them. Mostly I just want to say hello.
  6. I would reverse time a few hours or months then fast forward to watch everything change like a transition scene.
  7. I would watch everything in slow motion. Use it to gain insight and advantage in different circumstances. Just a step up on daily life. More perspective too.
  8. With my savior complex I'd probably end up using my abilities to rescue people besides close friends.
    I'm slightly worried about how long I could let that go on without it becoming a horrible burden.
  9. I mean we're talking about practically limitless power. How would it affect me psychologically? Physically? Emotionally?
  10. I'd set strict boundaries.
  11. I'd eventually end up getting in a civil war of sorts with different versions of myself.
  12. .....this all sounds like such a good book...
  13. But older me would never let any of this happen. For all we know it already did and you're living in the universe that I successfully created after crashing the time paradox onto the old universe.
  14. So you're welcome