Inspired by @gwcoffey
  1. Eat food loudly near me
    You gross gross bastard. Close your damn mouth!!! It's not a fucking race!!!
  2. Ask me about who I'm voting for
  3. Look in my photo album on my phone
    Hell no.
  4. Read through the notes on my phone
    Stay away from my poetry
  5. Ask me how my food tasted.
    This just irks me. It's none of your damn business
  6. Tell me you'll text me and then not text me
    Alrighty then asshole
  7. Ask for my opinion on a political anything
  8. Be indecisive while ordering food at a restaurant.
    Pick. Your damn. Meal!!
  9. Drive slower than necessary
    Just... Drive!
  10. Read my texts
    Stay the hell out