This is assuming that the whole butterfly theory isn't a thing. I'd just like my time travel to be a good thing.
  1. I would...
  2. Talk to my grandmother again.
  3. Appear in my parents past and talk to them like I was a complete stranger.
  4. Help lost souls.
  5. Be a guardian angel for people
  6. Give people hope for their future. (Cus id know it already)
  7. Anonymously Give my younger self a specific list of things to avoid and what to consider in the future.
    I know people bullshit that whole speal about "my mistakes made me who I am" but I just want to avoid all that shit and learn from my older wisdom anyway.
  8. Totally go back and predict stuff nonchalantly. Not huge things. Just things. Freak people out.
    Like, "oh I give that band three more months tops" and then they break up and people would be all "you're a wizard!!!"
  9. I'd check out the future. Just to see if things worked out all right for people.
  10. I'd figure out the date I met my soul mate. Just so I could count down to it. I'd totally tell other people too. Just be like, "you meet her on a Tuesday in the spring of 2023." And they'd be like "fuck you bro you don't know shit" and I'd chuckle. And then BAM! They meet. And I just nod at them like "told you".
  11. If I said something stupid I could reverse time a tad and test other options.
  12. I know this is really awful of me but I'd get the answers to the tests and get them right. Doesn't matter if I get things wrong Cus I can just reverse time and do over.
  13. I get the elixir for immortality and then the cure for it and drink the immortal stuff and keep the cure handy if I ever got tired of it. Probably in a meteor super far away.
  14. Appear to people on their death beds and let them know all the good stuff their kids got up to after their death. Or replay a memory in video for them. Let them leave thinking of their happiest times.
  15. Meet famous people when they were young and tell them how famous they would be (no specifics) and then turn up at some fancy life time awards ceremony of theirs when they were like 70 and just stand some where and catch their eye and smile. And then evaporate to another time. Spooky!!!
  16. I hope I would evaporate like Henry in "The Time Travelers Wife" that was cool. But I'd control it.
    And I wouldn't be naked unless absolutely necessary.
  17. Appear in historic photos. Like, all of them.
  18. Get signed up as a soldier in the civil war and get my photo taken.