Inspired by @elmospimpingme
  1. Visit my young and future self
  2. Tell myself some very helpful things.
  3. Meet her again. Figure out what the hell to actually say. Or maybe not change a thing.
  4. I'd learn how to fight really really really well with like swords and guns and stuff
  5. Travel the universe helping people
  6. Pop in and out of historical events just to mess with conspiracy nuts.
  7. Save people
    Fuck the space time continuum. I'll risk it. People need saving
  8. I'd visit @quixotic all through her life. For one because I wanna be her imaginary friend and for two because I wanna give her hugs
  9. I'd stop anyone I could that has ever hurt someone.
  10. I'd protect people.
  11. I'd visit my parents when they were young. Drop some very nonspecific hints that they could only get when I had gotten older. Blow their minds.
  12. Visit my grand children in the distance future
  13. Talk to the greatest poets, thinkers, writers out there. Unless they were assholes.
  14. Learn multiple languages
  15. Travel to mid evil times and be a badass somehow. Be Robin Hood!!! I'd be Robin Hood!!