1. ...is a fickle son of a bitch.
  2. But when it strikes
  3. I can't help but dive into my poetry
  4. and write for pages and pages
  5. Not so much on any topic
  6. But just for the sake of the flow
  7. That brilliant fervent powerful urge
  8. To make real my thoughts
  9. To throw color onto the drab landscape of my page
  10. Even if it's only in my eyes.
  11. It's like a drug
  12. To be sitting somewhere not really thinking about anything
  13. And all of a sudden that thought hits you like a train
  14. And you're unable to keep yourself from pulling out that pad of paper or your phones note pad or list app
  15. And get words down as fast as you can.
  16. It's such a high.
  17. The writers high
  18. The artists high
  19. The creators high
  20. And I don't plan on quitting any time soon.
  21. What inspires you?