1. Nothing
  2. I'm doing nothing
  3. I just don't want to sleep
  4. I like how quiet the world is at night
  5. It's just me and my house
  6. And a bunch of sleeping peoplw
  7. And if I'm lucky one friend
  8. But usually just me
  9. Cus even my die hard friends pass out before 12
  10. So it's just little old me
  11. Laying here bored but not bored enough to sleep
  12. The wind outside is crazy
  13. I love that
  14. Especially if it snows. But it's just rain right now
  15. Which is good
  16. I think I'll go to sleep soon
  17. And then get up around 6
  18. I don't want to sleep in
  19. I hate sleeping in
  20. Okay
  21. Goodnight list app
  22. I love that gif so much
  23. Okay real good night list app