1. Fuck
  2. This
  3. Movie
  4. So my friend Sierra has caught the attention of a guy that I sort of know.
  5. She told me about how they were going to go see a movie today
  6. And that she was not looking forward to it.
  7. Because she's not interested in dating him.
  8. I've of course explained to her that she needs to tell him this personally rather than his friend (who is ignoring her and trying to set them up).
  9. Alas.. She isn't ready to act. But I digress.
  10. I offered to "surprise" them at the theatre and sit near them so that he wouldn't try anything. (Kissing, hand holding, arm over the shoulder, etc.)
  11. I honestly didn't think she would take me up on it but she said that that would be awesome and told me where and when the movie was.
  12. I had a late breakfast with my mother and sister. During which we discussed my romantic life and my perspective on the ethical course of mankind (don't start to think you're getting a list about that last part. Off limits unless otherwise noted.) Then I headed for the theatre.
  13. I had heard good things about don't breathe (and was happy to be able to ask for an "adult" ticket without being questioned. Ahh age.. Transparent bastard.)
  14. It worked out well that I ended up at the ticket counter directly next to them. My friend Sierra knew I was there of course and wanted me to act like I had been ditched by my friends (her exact words were "that I had gone to the wrong theatre by mistake.")
  15. Fortunately I'm a manipulative bastard when I need to be so I asked for my ticket loudly enough for her date to overhear. And acting perfectly innocent throughout; exclaimed upon greeting him that I was just seeing a movie by myself (I often do. It's nice. Ergo closest to the truth.)
  16. We all three sat in a row. The date (Estephan) in the center, Sierra on the far right, and myself at his left.
  17. So if you don't know already. The movie is about a crabby old man and three dumbasses. The three dumbasses (3D) break into his house Cus one of them needs cash to get the hell outta dodge and they heard the old dude has got major bank from some crazy settlement a few years back.
  18. I don't want to ruin it for those of you who are going to see it but I should say that it was definitely worth the R rating.
  19. I mean there's not any real gore. Mostly just suggestive camera work. Very violent. But that's not what made me hate it.
  20. Before I get into that I should say that as movies go it was entertaining, had fair cinematography, and not an awful story.
  21. In fact I think suicide squad was a shittier movie compared to it.
    Hype machineeeeeeeeeeeee+nerd candy = cash money and zero quality
  22. There's a particular scene in this film that absolutely grossed me out and made me feel awful to be human. Maybe I got too into the movie but it was just absolutely revolting.
    And then afterwards the protagonist didn't do what they needed to to defeat the antagonist. Basic horror plot.
  23. In general the movie played out like a horror video game.
  24. But the date intercept was a rousing success and there was no moves on estaphan's part.
    Also he had no clue I was there on purpose.
  25. And Sierra and I are going to get fro yo next weekend. I offered movie but she said she wanted to be able to talk to me and that made me go 😍😍 Cus that's just too sweet after how homecoming went (list... Is.... Coming.)
  26. So yeah...
  27. Ta da