1. My father and his new wife both decided to take me to see sully.
    My first two choices were "captain fantastic" (Vigo mortenson is always a win) or "Snowden" (who doesn't love JGL??)
  2. Captain fantastic wasn't playing at the theatre they had in mind and my father spat vulgarities about how Snowden was a rat bastard traitor to our country so we weren't about to suffer through that.
    Just looked like an exciting movie to me. Plus I know exactly nothing about Snowden. Sue me.
  3. If I'm being completely honest I didn't enjoy sully.
  4. It's a fine story.
  5. Very amazing act on the part of captain sully saving 154 people.
  6. Tom hanks is always a win
  7. I just have a habit of tearing apart movies for originality.
  8. This movie being about a real occurrence. Totally lacked anything that I hadn't heard on the news or expected from a general understanding of the beuracracy that is any investigative government entity.
    In this case the NTSB.
  9. Also the cgi wasn't superb.
    Usually I could give a damn but honestly it wasn't as good as it should have been.
  10. Anyway.
  11. I just thought I'd lost on it.
  12. I guess I'm pissed off today.
  13. Giphy
  14. Ps. I went to Olive Garden before hand. There were a shit load of people about my age there in suits, ties, and dresses. I guess it was some school dance. I also wore my favorite leather jacket. The steak was pathetic. The zucchini was edible (whatever garlic/parmesan topping they used tasted funny to me. But I didn't entirely mind)
    P.s.s I don't recommend spending too much time around people 42 years older than you. It gets to be irritating. Then again I'm a pessimistic little ass and it could just be my father getting on my nerves. He really married his mother btw. It's eerie. Dinner was good. I might be pissy but I've had a good day.
  15. I didn't get to see Sam. Work got in the way.