Wanted to make a quick list to say how wonderful you all are. Just cus you're all lovely and interesting individuals. 😊
  1. Static
    Yep. You're still my favorite person on here. Tons of long wonderfully detailed lists. Thank you ever so much for putting up with my tagging you in lots of lists. You're a gift to the world and I sincerely appreciate the effort you put in on the list app. Thank you for being you.
  2. Static
    You're basically a sweetheart. Thanks again for requesting that adorable list from me. That made my day. Keep up the wonderful lists.
  3. Static
    You're a fun person. I like that. My doggy appreciated your compliment greatly. As did I.
  4. Static
    First of all I love your profile pic. It's just cool looking to me. A step away from the traditional mug shot everyone on here seems to adore. Your lists are also wonderful. Thanks for being awesome.
  5. Static
    Your lists are particularly entertaining to me. They're all unique in their own right. Keep up the awesomeness.
  6. Static
    NEW BEST FRIEND!!!!!! HIMYM for life!!!!
  7. You are all a pleasure to my existence. Thank you for your personalities and smiles.