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  3. Answer: If you must know. I'm currently 17
    2 months shy of 18
  4. Answer: "The truth is that we're all extremely happy and very very sad but nobody can tell the difference". Meh. Most of humanity is good. Bad is sensationalized and receives the most attention. It's easy for us to cling to the negative. But in truth. I don't believe in bad. I believe in damaged individuals.
    Damaged individuals can't tell that what they are doing is so wrong. If it means I have to hurt them before they hurt me then so be it. But our first priority (I think) should be to understand. In understanding, we might just avoid violence in the first place. Nobody who is raised well, fed right, and loved grows up to harm others or seek hatred. And in the end we are all just animals trying to break away from the bonds of our natural protective instincts.