1. A bowl of vegetables
    Usually with chicken and rice. Makes me feel awake, alert, and a little more pleasant.
  2. Quiet mornings
    Especially in the winter.
  3. Poetry
    may my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living whatever they sing is better than to know and if men should not hear them men are old-we Cummings
  4. Eyes
    Not my first choice mind you. A photo of bill Hayes eye.
  5. Novels about loss
    I'm reading "insomniac city" at the moment.
  6. Memories
    Funny little things. Always coming and going.
  7. Great quotes
    “The night after he died, I found that a sliver of light from a streetlamp shone through the blinds just so and cast a single yellowy tendril across his pillow. It was the opposite of a shadow. Which is as clear a definition as I can come up with for the soul.” Excerpt From: Hayes, Bill. “Insomniac City.”
  8. Love letters
  9. Hidden tattoos of significance
    I think I want to get a small dot somewhere. I don't know. Maybe a ram's skull.
  10. Quiet moments in movies with a close focus on the main characters face
  11. The holes in the night sky
  12. Writing by hand in a private journal
    So intimate. One of the utterly tragic traits of this new modern era is the loss of those powerful, personal, pieces of prose which come of romance no matter their brevity. With words that sing and singe and cry out and whisper and touch softly that part of ourselves that so often lay silently hoping.-c