1. I decided to go on an epic voyage by scrolling through all 500+ of my lists.
  2. It was interesting to remember where I was at certain times.
  3. Bringing back some memories
  4. But what I noticed most was that my attitude was totally different
  5. The types of lists I was putting out 8 months ago was different too.
  6. I just seemed more lighthearted.
  7. More positive and goofy and young.
  8. It's as if over the past few months I transformed from a goofy, enthusiastic, individual
  9. Into my more introverted, grandiose, and heartbroken self.
  10. That's the vibe I get anyway.
  11. I wish I could go back and relive the past year.
  12. I'd change some things.
  13. Besides, it would be fun to act all aware before things happened and just not be fazed by things.