1. Looking in your eyes I see your eyes. I feel your sorrow and your peace. Which has its distances.
  2. Looking in your eyes I feel your warmth. How could I borrow but a thimble? A thimble of this barely freckled sun. Just cut off from your skin. A thimble full will peer into my heart of hearts. That glow with the softer light of coals once lit.
  3. A thimble full of sunshine cut off from your eye will light up the night like the stone on my tongue. Begging for more since it graced the gentle curves of your mind. The elegant traces. Like star dust. Rounding the edges of the words.
  4. How have our worlds, strung together as they are by memory (mine and yours), become so separated? So far gone?
  5. I only long for the day your ghost inhabits another's form. Whose tongue is not so unlike yours. Who speaks to me with essential loveliness. Into my mind in the dark softness of my bedroom. Much like you.