1. A friend texted me asking me for my definition of true love.
  2. I was intrigued.
  3. I have thought about love A LOT.
  4. But I've never tried to define it.
  5. I once told a girl that to write of love is like chasing an ephemeral warmth. An ever elusive and indescribable reverie for the softest thing in life.
  6. I think that's true.
  7. But I think I know what love is.
    Sort of
  8. I took a minute to think.
  9. I thought about the girl I'm in love with right now.
  10. True love is when the sound of their voice makes you forget everything.
  11. When seeing their eyes sends shivers through you.
  12. When everything reminds you of them.
  13. When they fill your dreams.
  14. When all that you can write about is them.
  15. When even things that might annoy you about any other person make you smile because they are a piece of your love.
  16. When their pain is yours.
  17. When you could happily spend a century or more wrapped up in their arms.
  18. When their touch makes you electric.
  19. True love is warm.
  20. Warmer than sunshine or spring rain.
  21. It surrounds and implores you to spend every waking moment experiencing them.
  22. You forget all your problems.
  23. Pain fades away.
  24. It's just them.
  25. They fill your sight and your mind.
  26. You feel at peace.
  27. Like nothing can touch you.
  28. Lighter than air.
  29. When a moment with them reverberates through you long after they have left the room.
  30. When you ache for them.
  31. When their absence intensifies your longing.
  32. When you spend hours on the phone with them. And end the call wishing you could hear their voice just a second longer.
  33. When you wake up thinking about them.
  34. They stop you in your tracks.
  35. A beauty unlike anything you'll ever experience.
  36. So rich and so powerful.
  37. Love is true.
  38. And love is so very real.
  39. She's proved that to me.