1. •
    Number of years alive: 18
    Like a boss
  2. •
    Ages I've been mistaken for in the past five years: 20, 21, 23 (three times 😐), and once 24.
    Most of these were hair dressers. Two were bar tenders. One was a woman who tried to offer me a job after I helped her pick out a video game console and video games for her son (who has some mental health issues and she wanted more information on what he might most enjoy playing. The people at Best Buy are notorious for being awful at describing games so I jumped in.) oh and one beautiful girl asked me for my phone number. We are best buddies now😊.
  3. •
    Number of eyes I have: two gorgeous hazel orbs
  4. •
    Number of limbs I have: 4
    Great calves if I do say so myself
  5. •
    Number of fingers I used to have: 11
  6. •
    Number of thumbs I was born with: 3
  7. •
    Most accessible scar: this one
    The bastards cut off my third thumb.
  8. •
    Number of fingers that bend all the way on my left hand: 4
    This god damn thumb won't bend. Notice the lack of joint.
  9. •
    Number of poems I've written in the past 6 months: 11
    Not counting my half assed poems. I'm talking legit poems. Two pages or more.
  10. •
    Percentage of those poems that I wrote/write for\because of a girl: 90%
    One girl. Same girl.
  11. •
    Number of times I've laid in bed making lists till 2 pm: 8-9 at least
  12. •
    Number of times I've told myself I was going on a diet only to drop it after a week: 3
  13. •
    Longest I've gone without showering: 7 weeks give or take. That was fun 😐
  14. •
    Number of years id leave the country mysteriously for only to return a changed man with a hidden past: 3-4
  15. •
    Number of legitimate fights I've been in: 0
    Safe and sound
  16. •
    Number of imaginary fights I've been in: 19,000 +
    I have a violent fantasy world. Really I only ever imagine scenes of epic valiant fighting between myself and hordes of bad guys. Elaborate story lines and I always end up the hero and get the girl. Duh. Ah I'm a dreamer
  17. •
    Number of times I've rewatched How I Met Your Mother: at least 4 times by now.
  18. •
    Longest I've lived in one spot: 14 years ish.
  19. •
    Longest period of continuous sleep: 12 hours. Never again
  20. •
    Most lists I've made in a day: 9 I think
  21. •
    Longest I've gone without making a list: 3 weeks one time
  22. •
    Longest list I've made: 100 tabs
  23. •
    Most time I've spent watching Netflix continuously: 4 hours
    I'm so cool
  24. •
    Longest time I've spent awake: 50 hours
    Funnnnn..... Not