Haha... This title is intentionally misleading for the purposes of click bait. But I'll get to that.
  1. I hate these kinds of quotes.
  2. And this
  3. Or this.
  4. Etc.
  5. Reason number one is that I'm a cynical asshole.
  6. I just don't mix well with peppy, happy go lucky, hopeful type stuff.
  7. The world is really shitty
  8. People are often times really really shitty
  9. And more often than not. Our "plans and goals." Do not fucking happen.
  10. That's not to say that I think we are all pawns of a godless universe
  11. I think it's an essential part of being human to strive to bring order to an otherwise chaotic and unfriendly universe.
  12. A universe who will definitely kill you dead, make you sick, hurt you, and let animals shit on your grave.
  13. In fact I believe it's our true drive in life to find our own little world of order in the storm that is being.
  14. I think it's why we do what we do.
  15. But peppy, motivational, hopeful posters and phrases.
  16. Get me nowhere.
  17. I think being blindly hopeful is a sure fire way to ensure nothing gets done.
  18. I also think that if you're blatantly ignoring your own mortality you will come up short every time.
  19. Confidence is extremely important for do-ers. Over confidence is brittle and falls at the first sign of real pressure.
  20. I don't view myself as negative in any sense of the word.
    Though people do think I'm pissed a lot. They're right.
  21. Some might call me realistic.
  22. I prefer the term "proactively pessimistic and nonchalant."
  23. Grossly aware of how unfair and cruel the universe is.
  24. And laughing in spite of my own inevitable demise at its hands.
  25. And seeing the beauty in the fading moments.
  26. And loving with all my passion
  27. Static
  28. Even though it hurts me
  29. Even after I tell myself that we all die in the end.
  30. And I can see that the world will one day burn up.
  31. I see why we need to be firm in our understanding
  32. That life is fleeting
  33. So don't patronize me with this hum drum motivational bullshit
  34. We all might be dying.
  35. But what is life for if not for staring down inevitability and grinning at its inherent meaningless.
  36. Because the real things last beyond our feeble bodies.
  37. The real things last forever.
  38. Static
  39. Static
  40. "The darkness came when she left. I started to like it. I desired no light to shine on me, for light would provide evidence of her absence."
  41. Static
  42. Static