Movies Watched in 2017

  1. La la land (sometime in January)
    I actually really loved this movie. Saw it with my girlfriend twice (her idea). The style and the story are both carried out wonderfully. And I really enjoy both Emma stone and Ryan gosling.
  2. Logan
    Unfortunately I fell asleep and missed about 15 minutes of this one (stressful evening left me exhausted). But i really want to buy the noir package of this. I've always dreamed of a full on badass wolverine movie. Especially after pg 13 "The Wolverine". And it's western styling+ R rating approach leaves me feeling satisfied. Who doesn't love hugh jackman?
  3. Arrival (may??)
    I think this is a fucking amazing movie. My favorite movies are always a combination of a handful of ingredients. Engaging plot + human characters + great soundtrack + appropriate run time (for story) + etc. and this movie hits them. It almost feels minimalist because it's ALL SHOW!! (*tears of joy*) and doesn't pander to a dumbass audience. I feel inspired just watching it.
  4. Baby driver (July)
    Saw this on my own the day it came out. What a fun movie. It combines a well thought out story with a great cast and a soundtrack baked into the on screen action. I definitely recommend it. Also Jon Hamm and Kevin spacey are 🙌🏼