1. Drop some body fat
  2. Lift more weights
  3. Meditate every day
  4. Cold shower every day
  5. Read read read
  6. Eat better
  7. Be honest with myself
  8. Be honest towards others
  9. Write more poetry
    Write about her..
  10. Learn more deeply about topics
  11. Figure out a college to attend
  12. Attend said college
  13. Write a book or two
  14. Come up with ten year goals
  15. Complete as many of said ten year goals as possible in 6 months.
  16. Learn to cook 5 dishes well
  17. Actually learn basic Norwegian
  18. Do some soul searching
    Find my authentic voice
  19. Get into math more
  20. Update wardrobe
  21. Write more to do lists
  22. Write monthly goals
  23. Actually sleep
  24. Investigate dual human natures
  25. Drink strictly water