Because God damn it I want to make a simple list to get going on these lists again.
  1. 4 eggs
    I love eggs. I regularly eat dozens of them (no kidding. Even per breakfasts I might have upwards of 10 or 13 eggs. Lots of people tell me I'm gonna die from cholesterol overdose but I've got my own opinions on the research. But this week. Just 4 per morning.
  2. A bowl (3 cups) of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and milk (3 cups).
    I am looking forward to completely forgoing cereal in the future. The salt content is insane. But for now I'm fixing other habits first.
  3. A cup of coffee
    I know caffeine isn't great for you. I stick to only a half cup every morning. I'm also considering decaf if I find that caffeine has considerable negative effects in my life (regardless of the literature I prefer testing to blindly following fads)
  4. A glass of grape fruit juice
    Giphy downsized medium
    Mostly this just has to do with multiple studies I've read that detail how a chemical in grapefruit juice can extend the fat burning half life of caffeine throughout a day. However since i haven't gotten an accurate fat percentage test done I'm not really taking this Check seriously ha. (Anna Kendrick 😍)
  5. A glass of milk
    I like milk. It makes it easy to intake a surplus of calories. I'm trying to gain mass so I consider this important. Besides its tasty.
  6. So yeah that's what I eat 😋
  7. Puppy love