1. 12:50: fell asleep.
    I just wasn't tired.. But I wish I could have pressed a button to launch my room into space. I think a distant cosmos would be really nice sometimes.
  2. 5:20: woke up to my alarm. Immediately fell back asleep.
    I want to start waking earlier do I can squeeze the most out of my morning. (And meditate).
  3. 5:40: woke up to my second alarm. Fell asleep again.
    I guess going to bed at 12:50 wasn't such a solid plan
  4. 6:04: woke up officially.
    Showered. I have a few scratches on my arms from the new job. Admired them in the mirror and came up with the brilliant idea of liquid sleep and a coffee.
  5. 6:16?: got dressed
    I have to wear a thick baggy orange shirt and jeans and boots.
  6. 6:20: made coffee and cereal
    I just don't want to cook now a days.
  7. 6:20-6:50: prepped my ice water, eat breakfast and coffee in a rush.
    My girlfriend wants to see me in the morning. Which is kinda nice because then it's not just straight to work. She's always very sleepy. I wish I didn't always have to sleep. And her house is right next to the shop.
  8. 6:50: left my house.
    Basically me.
  9. 7:20-7:45:got to girlfriends house
    Hung out for a little bit, talked to her, and then I went to work.
  10. 7:55: got to work.
    Clocked in. Loaded chain saws and shit.
  11. 8:30?: arrived on site.
    They mostly have me working with the head climber, Andy. He's a cool guy. Real hippie. Talks a lot which works for me because I don't and I don't always like tons of silence. Plus the dude just has a shitload of stories. (He's also a great dude to work under because he's really patient with me... I can be a bit apprehensive and second guess myself.)
  12. 8:30-5: worked my ass off
    I basically pull branches and logs to a chipper (or a trailer when they're too fat). Andy climbs the tree or uses the boom on the back of the truck to get up and cut down whatever needs cutting. It's been 98 the past three days.
  13. 5:00: I got off work
    *the owner of the company seems to really like me. I cleared a bunch of irrigation ditches for him on the property and he's psyched. Part of me thinks he didn't expect a guy as young as me to work for two hours in 98 degrees with a weedwacker.
  14. 5:00-5:15: I got me some sonic
    I was starving. I didn't eat anything other than breakfast. Plus sonic is a nice treat. Tbh I want to have a steak.
  15. 6:00-10:00: got home
    I showered. Eat. Relaxed. Got in a fight with my girlfriend. Apparently texting her while I'm driving, showering, and speaking with my mother is essential. She made me feel really anxious (👍🏼🙂.. Heavy sigh) so I'm just letting her vent and trying to chill out and enjoy my evening.
  16. This took an hour and 40 to make
  17. Yay for no drafts